Michael Manoogian

Logo Design


Ken Kragen

Ken managed a lot of artists. Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Rich Little, Gallagher, Travis Tritt, on and on. He knew the power and value of logos.

Whenever he signed up an artist he would call me in to design their logo. I’d bring a ton of sketches to his office. He would lay them all out on his floor and we’d sit there like kids and go over them.

Sometimes it would be funny to me because he might take a phone call from Lionel Richie, then he’d get back to the sketches and his secretary would tell him Willy Nelson’s on the phone, can you take it or do you want to call him back.

There I was, this skinny kid from Milford, a small town in Massachusetts, in the middle of all this star stuff going on around me. I kept thinking “someday they’re gonna find me out.”