Michael Manoogian

Logo Design


Dolly Parton

1977—The brilliant photographer Ed Caraeff called saying he was doing the photo shoot with Dolly Parton for her next album cover, and had me start sketching ideas for the lettering. She’s country, so I sketched several ideas with a country feel to them.

A few days later Ed came to my studio and showed me the cover photo. WOW!!! I grabbed the sketches and placed each one on the photo…but none of them seemed to work with the photo! Ed agreed. As it turned out, this was her first crossover album from country to more pop, so the country feel of the sketches was the wrong direction.

I said the photo needed something more energetic, more current. I placed a large sheet of tracing paper over the photo, grabbed a sharpie, and quickly drew what the lettering should be. Immediately, his eyes started smiling—”YES!!! That’s IT!!!”