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Billy Joel’s First Album

Cold Spring Harbor was Billy Joel’s first album—also one of the first covers I ever did the lettering for. We met at Paramount Records in New York, around 1970 – such a nice guy. The art director, Ruby Mazur, played some of Billy’s piano tracks for me. My God, they were so different, quite inventive, unique, and very musical—not the usual stuff.

I had the distinct feeling this guy was going to make it big. He had a special essence about him. Unmistakable.

ALL great entertainers have one mindset in common—a total confidence in their ability. It spills out of every pore: “Sit back folks and prepare yourselves, because I am going to blow your socks off.” Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, Pavarotti, Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin…and Billy, for sure.